Tilted Constant, 2009, Anne Mestitz

Tilted Constant, 2009, Anne Mestitz Tilted Constant, 2009, Anne Mestitz Tilted Constant, 2009, Anne Mestitz Tilted Constant Invitation Image

Tilted Constant

H3000 x W1800 x D9mm MDF and acrylic paint
Exhibition: Pigment Gallery, Melbourne.
Self-initiated site-referenced installation

Artist Statement: Tilted Constant

Tilted Constant began with the question: how can I activate a site with a single object? I chose an ellipse 3 metres long and 1.8 metres wide painted fluorescent orange. The word ellipse derives from the Latin ellipsis meaning ‘to fall short of’. It is a cross section within a cone. The ellipse describes an imperfect circle which nevertheless has an inherent “constant” in its construction. I was captivated by its mathematical beauty and the fact that an ellipse represented harmonic motion thereby rendering it an infinite body.

As part of the installation of Tilted Constant I installed an ultraviolet spotlight on the wall behind where the viewer was positioned upon entering the gallery. A black curtain was placed across the narrow doorway to ensure complete darkness, creating an enclosed space in which the bright colour and imposing form of the ellipsis becomes the dominant means of sensory engagement. The colour immediately consumed and activated the volume of the space rather than the work appearing as a painting-object frontal to the viewer. The pitch of the object, both structurally and in reference to colour vibration and luminosity, rendered the site a space of uncommon sense. The delineation by the walls to define a room had dissolved into the darkness and had been overpowered by the force of the colour radiating out from the form. The ellipse had the attraction of alluding to being a harmonic constant, yet when applied with fluorescent orange the harmony of the form is subverted into being one of blinding colour, permeating out towards the viewer and thwarting the depth perception of both the gallery and the object.