OMG (Detail), 2009, Anne Mestitz

OMG (Detail), 2009, Anne Mestitz OMG (Detail), 2009, Anne Mestitz OMG (Detail), 2009, Anne Mestitz


Exhibition: Entrepot Gallery, Hobart
Site-referenced installation

Artist Statement: OMG

What expectation is considered by using the gallery as a frame for work that, in turn, utilizes the gallery as a particular space? Is the gallery then a frame? Perhaps what should be considered here is a fusion, or site-space, rather than a relevant positing of a site-specific work within a gallery-specific space?
The architectural grid within Entrepot Gallery is one that, for me, speaks directly to the canonical grid of art history; that thing that modernism moves from in order to reinvent itself over and over. OMG is a work that seeks to exploit the boundaries between painting-sculpture and viewer-installation; thereby establishing a discourse between Reductive Abstraction and the modernist grid of Mondrian’s later paintings.
The grid structures of OMG are primarily relational to their site-space. The site of the Entrepot Gallery allows for an opening-out; a fracturing and a dispersion of the grid within the space. The decision to float the grid was made in opposition to the alternative: a falling grid. To fall is to acknowledge gravity and to signify a collapse, whereas floating is an act of physical defiance that offers a forward imaginary motion in space.
Not unlike the lines of the Mondrian's Composition, which leave the space of the painted frame, they represent both an imbedding in and passing through of the gallery wall. The perceiver is caught in a kind of crossfire with the panels at their feet, which includes a cross segment from the grid that alludes to the presaging of my latter exploration of singular objects in the site of the gallery. OMG is a challenge to the illusionistic space of painting to enter the real world of objects – abstract objects that are negotiated by the perceiver.