pitch a-chord sfz detail of a-chord

Notes on sound: Pitch, a-chord and sfz

H790 x W910 x D250mm Enamel and oil paint and wax on aluminum
Exhibition: Sculpture Now: Colville Gallery, Hobart 2012

Artist Statement: Notes on sound

These works are made in response to the timbre and reverberations of sound. The nuances of sound have been explored through the affects of colour in hexagonal forms.
“pitch to” is a reflection upon a single colour resonating in a high pitch. “a-chord” is an experimental combination of colours (using oil and enamel paint) not dissimilar to a D Minor chord. “sfz” is a sudden loud colour (enamel paint) prolonged and thrown forward. The backs of the forms (largely unseen) are a rubbed graphite colour accentuating the drawing out of the colours contained within.