Cosmic Solver Red 1278 - under construction Cosmic Solver Red 1278 Cosmic Solver Red 1278 - detail Cosmic Solver Red 1278 - inside

Cosmic Solver Red 1278

H1400 x W1000 x D1000 Wood ply and acrylic paint
Exhibition: Hobart City Art Prize finalist show: TMAG Hobart

Artist Statement: Cosmic Solver Red 1278

This work delivers this fluorescent flat acrylic colour to the gallery in a large crate. The thingness of the paint colour is such that it defies surface decoration and pervades the interior space of the container, and beyond, becoming a palpable mass.
My current work engages with colour as form, visual perception and the spatial relations of objects within installation. The “cosmic” nature of this colour cannot be ignored in relation to its luminosity and ability to offer a vertiginous sensory experience. The scale of the object deliberately relates to the human body. The viewer is invited to peer over the edge into the void of colour. My intention with this art work is to question the self-reflexive nature of the both the object and the emotional reflexivity of the viewer. Having posed this questioning I recognise an element of risk in meshing the self-referential object and emotion yet this is what I wish to experiment with.