Ballistic Voices - detail of contraption

Ballistic Voices - Installation view, Long Gallery Ballistic Voices - detail Ballistic Voices - work in progress Ballistic Voices - work in progress

Ballistic Voices

Exhibition: Chance Encounters: Ten Days on the Island Festival, Long Gallery, Hobart and later at South Australian School of Art Gallery 2009
Curators: Maria Kunda and Mary Knights

Artist Statement: Ballistic Voices

This work is inspired by Aristotle’s Ballistic Theory of an objects desire to return to earth. Two conical-shaped large mounted objects face each other at either end of the room. The floor space stretching between them has several randomly placed amorphous discs of colour. The slang “to go ballistic” implies a burst of irrational anger and conjures the notion of voices shooting out into space and then desiring to fall to earth. In an abstracted way the voices have fallen transformed into silent synaesthetic splats of colour on the floor. This work is an exploration of colour and its perceptual and transformative qualities: its synaesthetic ability/its ability to repel and attract/its material manifestations/its ability to trigger memory/its ability to pervade space/its ability to change when placed alongside another colour and its ability to no longer exist in the absence of light.
The ballistic voices are spent. If we think of the voices as material colour the black voids in the cone shaped apparatus depict this state of depletion.