Drawn out feeling Drawn out feeling

Drawn out feeling

Exhibition: Sweet Observations of an Interior World: Devonport Regional Art Gallery 2008
Curator: Jane Stewart

Artist Statement: Drawn Out Feeling

This work consists of a white painting in oil on canvas measuring 915mm x 915mm with a fluoro orange border around the outside edge. A black-painted aluminium wire line extends from the lower right section of the painting out into space and down to an object consisting of a mass of wire roughly in a square shape measuring 680mm x 680mm x 200mm(thick).
This work started out as a desire to abstract the sensation of an overload of information and emotion by creating a large object made of black-painted aluminium wire in a conglomeration of indecipherable lines. During the process of bending the wire I became attracted to the folded wire lines one upon another which seemed to resemble a linear erasure. I started again with the intention of doing “crossing out” type lines which conceptually and physically meant that the piece was becoming a negation of overload or an attempt to cross out a moment or memory or feeling. By chance I was reading about Malevich and his painting Black Square 1913. I was fascinated with his interpretation of the white background representing the void and the black square as a feeling (of non-objectivity) of floating weightlessly upon the white space. I was quite overwhelmed by this and could not stop thinking about the meaning and relevance of this painting in an historical context. The work I was making started to reference this and I was attracted to the fact that the black lines of the wire could be seen as transference of a black painted square into an undoing, a drawing out of it from the void of the white ground of a painting. The edge or frame of the white “void” is painted orange which reflects a glow onto the wall giving off the sensation that the white square has an ethereal sort of aura or otherness. This drawing out feeling appealed to me in its psychological connotations of drawing out feelings from oneself or someone else, a literal drawing out as in to extrude from or remove and a drawing out as in mark-making being made concrete and spatial.