Meteor Mediums Launch

Meteor Mediums Launch Meteor Mediums Launch Meteor Mediums Launch Meteor Mediums Launch

Meteor Mediums Launch: Qantas Art Award Community Residency Project

Anne Mestitz is the 2013 Tasmanian recipient of the Qantas Foundation Art Award. Part of the award involved being engaged in a community residency to raise awareness of contemporary art and innovation within the arts. This display is the result of a project undertaken in collaboration with TasPaints to create a “new” colour chart of accessible metallic-style acrylic paint colours. The colour wheel of nine swatches are the finished new colours called Meteor Mediums. The row of many small glass jars are the “mistakes”.

Artist Statement:
The making of these paints was a natural progression of my usual studio practice and I intend to use the paints in the creation of art works in the future. My studio-based practice engages primarily with the investigation into the manipulation of colour (paint) upon and within geometric abstract forms. The colour, as the property of the object, becomes the ‘event’ of the object, in an active way. The coloured objects are real in a material sense and virtual, being actual objects yet objects of the imagination. What is significant to me in my practice is that these coloured objects are imbued with a latent ability to act as affective objects – perceptually and conceptually – and correspond something to the viewer; without reason and beyond their material being.