Tune (in studio)


H342 x W346 x D40mm

Artist Statement: Tune

This work is a reminder to me of a significant period of experimentation with colour. Whilst mixing the colours I realized that I perceived them as notes from the musical scale. The green, for instance, is named “Perfect Green” and is Middle C. This sensation was strongest with green and other colours have both similar and different connotations - for example the violet colour is “Friday” and the note A in a lower register. I decided to utilize this synaesthetic response to colour by painting within the small rectangular sections of a found old wooden biological glass slide box and thinking about the colours combining as if a musical notation. After laying down the first few “notes” I was horrified that they were so loud and staccato, which is the antithesis to the gentle nature of our son, so then went through a process of sustaining the notes by tonally lightening them in graduations. This afforded instant relief from the staccato and I was able to have the “sounds” of the colours stretch up and down the small compartments implying a more pleasant length of note. I titled the work Tune because of the affiliation of the colours with sounds.