Spectra is the plural of spectrum meaning an array of electromagnetic waves such as the splitting of light into many colours or acoustic sound waves arising as timbre and pitch.

Goethe, in his book the ‘Theory of Colours’ (1810), observed that colour arises at the edges, and the spectrum occurs where these coloured edges overlap. Rather than claiming an actual theory he later stated “it’s intention is to portray rather than explain”.

The intention of the works in this exhibition is to portray and experience the appearance of colours in many forms.

Mestitz has used three dimensional form superimposed with colours to lure the viewer into a temporal experience of the work which changes from varying passing perspectives.

“It is clearly impossible to make a silent object sing and yet with these works I was thinking about the deep reverberating sound of a bell or diminuendo or attuning as possibilities of expression using colour and form. This was not a literal exercise but rather an intuitive experiment. Sound and colour are synaesthetically connected in their vibratory qualities, being made up of waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, and it is this challenging crossing over of the senses which often informs my work.”