Notes on Da Capo

Da Capo literally means, “return to the beginning” but the work did not begin as this title.

I get pleasure out of making three-dimensional artworks as they occur through the process of intuition. I will see something out the corner of my eye in the studio and without thought, I will begin to arrange two or more objects together. “Without thought” is the key phrase. I arrange, attach, carve and apply colour as if in a dream. There is a loss of time and an unawareness of anything else other than the thing I am making. I am present to that only. Sometimes I will attach two things together without knowledge of what will happen next. It may lay left for one or several days and then I will get the urge to return to it and continue making it until it is finished.

I often use musical terms in my titles as I am fascinated with physical “notation” – marks that a musician enacts. The orange object pointing to the left made me think of a direction or a return hence the title. But the “returning” can mean many things to many people. The title and the artwork allude to whatever may resonate with the viewer.

Sometimes a phrase, usually a poetic or ambiguous phrase, will trigger an idea for artwork but it may not end up being the title. I write words that I am attracted to on pieces of masking tape and tape them on the studio wall for inspiration. Nothing appeared to trigger this artwork except the thing itself, at the time of making. Days, months, even years after artwork is completed I will realise with a jab of shock what unconsciously may have spurred me into making something and this always takes me by surprise.
I have pondered already the fact that we may possibly never return to any beginning since the advent of Covid. I live in Melbourne and have been in lockdown for several months. It does not give us time. We are losing time, days, weeks, months and now years in a huge bubble of tragedy and weirdness.
I feel privileged to be an artist who can escape the mayhem.

Anne Mestitz October 5 2021