BEYOND THE FIELD (STILL) Samara Adamson-Pinczewski, Eun Ju Cho, Michael Graeve, Neil Haddon, Sara Hughes, Benjamin Kluss, Jacob Leary, Suzanne Moss, Frank Murri, Joshua Reilly, Ron Roberson-Swann, Paul Snell, Wilma Tabacco, Tricky Walsh, Stephen Wickham, Carolyn Wigston and Paul Zika The Field was the title of an exhibition held at the NGV in 1968. The …

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2018 – SPECTRA

SPECTRA Spectra is the plural of spectrum meaning an array of electromagnetic waves such as the splitting of light into many colours or acoustic sound waves arising as timbre and pitch. Goethe, in his book the ‘Theory of Colours’ (1810), observed that colour arises at the edges, and the spectrum occurs where these coloured edges …

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2018: EDGE Langford120, Melbourne. Curator: Irene Barberis STRANGE LOOPING Douglas Hofstadter defines a strange loop as “a paradoxical level-crossing feedback loop” in the book I am a Strange Loop published in 2007 (pp. 101-102). The artwork Strange Looping refers to the paradox of the orange arrow ascending only to be descending at the same time …

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