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H 100 cms x W 100 cms  x D 3 cms

Polyurethane, pigments, acrylic, oil paint and multiple wooden parts on birch panel

“May Day” – Stephen McLaughlin Gallery. Curated by S.Wickham April 28 – May 15 2021

REWIND is a reconfigured previous work (hence “rewind”) called Discreet Track 2* which was inspired by Brian Eno’s Track 2 on the album’ Discreet Music’ I often listen to whilst working.

I love the drone of the chords meshing together to make a vibrating sound and wished to capture that sense of droning in an artwork intuitively. Sound and colour are synaesthetically connected in their vibratory qualities, being made up of waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. This challenging crossing over of the senses often informs my work.

Discreet Track 2* was a finalist in the Hutchins Art Prize 2018 and was smashed off the wall by a person barging past a crowd.